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With our prepayment calculator you can quickly find out how much it is likely to be. The following guide explains how you can calculate a prepayment penalty, what rates it consists of, and what tricks are used to reduce the repayment amount. With this calculator, you can determine the cost of a prepayment penalty and decide whether the debt restructuring is worthwhile despite the fees incurred. If a borrower wants to terminate his mortgage loan early, the bank demands a prepayment penalty for his lost profit. Use our prepayment penalty calculator to determine if the bank is not demanding inappropriate prepayment penalties from you!

Early repayment Equalization calculator: What is the compensation payment?

Early repayment Equalization calculator: What is the compensation payment?

The following article deals in particular with the determination of early repayment interest on fixed-rate mortgage loan agreements – ie real estate loan agreements. For these loan agreements, the determination of default interest is legally required, but not flat rate. The vast majority of lenders themselves pay the corresponding amounts and are also contractually bound.

You have to borrow the cash yourself first. To put it bluntly: Suppose a bank has to pay 5% interest on the loan volume to its borrower for ten years. You receive a 10% interest loan, even for a period of ten years – it secures your own benefits and generates additional profits.

Now cancel the lease after five years and pay the balance back. The interest payment of 5% must be maintained for five years. Meanwhile, however, the usual market interest rates in the wine cellar have fallen, for example due to the Eurozone. The amount can only be borrowed for 2% interest.

The actual damage is the difference between the 5% she has to pay and the 2% she receives. The 3% must be credited to the outstanding amount at the time of termination, the so-called residual debt. Example: You are making a $ 10,000 loan.

With a repayment loan z. For example, you pay $ 100 per calendar month. The one-time installment is 100 USD + additional payment. For example, for annuity loans you pay 150 USD per month. Thus, the installment payment initially consists of 100 USD interest and 50 USD amortization. The amount based on the above formulas is only an indication – for a precise calculation of the early repayment, each installment must be calculated individually.

An inheritance or other monetary gain can also lead to special repayments – provided that the consumer has the right to do so. Some borrowers are particularly geared to interest rates and quickly keep track of other conditions. The more the time you need to pay, the higher the interest payment. Experts can check the requirements of your bank and correct them if necessary.

The banks usually demand too much compensation.

The banks usually demand too much compensation.

A professionally trained lawyer can help you assert your claims and, in the worst case, also represent you in court. The key interest rate determines how much interest the banks have for borrowing from the central bank. In 2016, banks were able to borrow cash almost for free.

As a result, lending rates have also fallen. As interest rates rise, you will benefit from the bank’s guarantee obligation. However, with falling interest rates you can only give up ten years’ notice without risk of early repayment.

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