How to Open an Investment Account?


How does Good Finance open an investment account? How to open a guarantee investment account, how to open a guarantee bank account? Almost all people prefer to make their investments through banks after gold. With the introduction of digital facilities into our lives in recent times, we can easily carry out all kinds of transactions on banks. Banks , which allow us to manage our investments easily, add value to our money with very attractive opportunities. If you want to evaluate your savings, you want to make savings by opening an investment account can help by reading our article. How to open Good Finance Investment Account?

How to Open an Good Finance Investment Account?

What is an Investment Account?

Many people are trying different ways to invest. One of these ways is to open an investment account in order to easily handle transactions such as stocks . Many different banks offer different options for opening an investment account. In this article, nasıl How does Good Finance open an investment account? Iz we will provide detailed information on this. The transactions you make with the investment account are various.

By opening an investment account , you can even check your account over the Internet and manage your investments. You can keep your money under control without being affected by instant changes, you can evaluate your money by performing various transactions. You can also continue your transactions by opening a futures account. How to Open an Good Finance Investment Account ?

What is an Investment Account?

If we define the investment account in general; It is a type of account that must be opened in order to use many investment products such as stocks, bonds, derivative products . This type of account can be opened by the investment companies to which the banks are affiliated, or by other investment companies. In this article, we will give information about opening an Good Finance Investment Account.

Opening an Good Finance Investment Account

Opening an Good Finance Investment Account


An application must be made to the branch with the necessary documents to open an investment account at Good Finance . In order to apply online, you must be the bank’s current customer. If you are a Good Finance customer , you can open your account using Internet banking. If you are not a customer, the documents required for the personal applications to the bank;

Photocopy of identity card, risk notification fund, purchase / sale framework agreement, contract form of the transaction to be performed. Together with all the necessary documents you can open your investment account and perform your transactions easily. Required documents;

  • Photocopy of identity card,
  • Risk notification fund,
  • Purchase / sale framework agreement,
  • Contract forms,
  • Account opening contracts,
  • Various contracts.

The steps for opening Good Finance investment account are as follows;

Opening an Good Finance Investment Account

Opening an Good Finance Investment Account

Another way to make all your transactions quickly without going to the branch is by confirming your contract on Good Finance mobile and internet, you can open your account and start your investment transactions without paying any account fees. After logging on to Good Finance, you can easily open your account by following the steps of Investments > Share transactions > Opening a stock account .

If you wish to open an account by logging into Good Finance Pocket , you must follow the steps of investments> share transactions> opening a stock account. In order to open a stock account, you must have a conformity test. To be eligible for compliance testing, you can log on to Good Finance Internet and follow the steps of investment> investor tests. You can use the customer service at 444 0 333 for assistance. If you trade stocks from Good Finance, it is possible to benefit from advantageous commission rates according to your last 3-month trading volume. You can also view the commission rates on your stock transactions at any time.

Good Finance also offers you the opportunity to list your investment accounts and perform transactions on your desired account. You can block your investments such as demand TL, demand foreign currency during the transaction. With the My Orders step, you can perform the operations such as listing and inquiry, cancellation, correction of your orders for that day.

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