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Would you like to drive electrically, but haven’t saved enough money yet? Then we recommend a personal loan. You borrow a certain amount once and pay it back in fixed installments and at a fixed interest rate. It is wise to first make a comparison. Do not only pay attention to interest rates, but also look carefully at the various conditions and duration. Once you have checked these three points, you can safely take out a suitable loan for your electric car.

Electric car loan, what to pay attention to?

Electric car loan, what to pay attention to?

As said, it pays to make a good comparison. But what exactly should you look out for with a personal loan when we talk about interest, conditions and term?

  • Interest – If you make a comparison on Barry Lyndon, the result overview always shows the loan with the lowest interest. The interest rate difference between the cheapest and most expensive lender is up to 4 percent. So it pays not to go to your regular bank blindly, but to first compare the largest selection of lenders.
  • Conditions – The lowest interest rate is not the only one that determines the final price of the loan. Favorable conditions ensure that you are not faced with unpleasant financial surprises. Check, for example, whether you can repay extra free of charge and whether the remaining debt is waived in the event of death. This prevents extra costs that you do not take into account in advance.
  • Duration – The longer the duration, the lower the monthly charges. However, this does not mean that you will ultimately pay less. It was not. Always choose the shortest possible duration at affordable monthly charges.

Tip! Do you expect to drive an electric car for four years? Then adjust the duration accordingly. After all, you do not want to pay off a loan while you no longer have an electric car.

Financing an electric car, how much do I need?

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To drive electric nowadays, you still have to dig deep into your pocket. However, more and more fully electric passenger cars are coming onto the market. We have listed a few for you. ( Information is from 31-05-2018 )

Brand Action radius From price in euros
Citroën C-Zero 150 km 22,360
Peugeot iOn 150 km 22,360
Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 160 km 23,466
VW e-Up 160 km 27,501
Renault Zoe 210/400 km 30,390
Hyundai IONIQ electric 280 km 32,750
Nissan Leaf 378 km 33,990
Kia Soul EV 212 km 34,455
VW e-Golf 300 km 38,970
Opel Ampera-e 520 km 40,995
Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive 200 km 41,624
Tesla Model S 442/632 km 81,285
Tesla Model X 417/565 km 93,335


Alternative personal loan electric car

Alternative personal loan electric car

Another possibility to finance an electric car is by leasing it. You then pay a fixed amount per month that covers the costs for purchase, maintenance and insurance. It is certainly an interesting option to drive electric without much money. However, a disadvantage is that the leasing company remains the owner of the car. So you actually rent an electric car.

Tip! Cover the risk of your loan with an all risk car insurance policy. If something happens to the car, you will in any case receive a payment to pay off the loan! Comparing your car insurance on Geld.nl gives you immediate insight into which provider offers the cheapest loan for your electric car.

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